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“MBO is the best thing to happen to mountain biking in years.

Bike events and companies focus too much on racers, but MBO is an event for everyone.”





Mountain Bike Oregon is all about community. Two weekends a year we create a community of mountain bikers who come together to share the same passion—a love of singletrack. But we could not host these events without the support of the Oakridge/Westfir community. To show our appreciation, MBO has given or helped raise over $50,000 for local charities or groups.



Groups we support:


City of Oakridge Park Fund. Greenwaters Park is home base for MBO, and we feel it is important to give back to the local parks fund. 


Moose Lodge. The Moose are our breakfast chefs. Some of these funds help children’s charities and other local events, such as our annual 4th of July Fireworks Show. 


Sports Teams. The MBO setup and breakdown staff are members of the local sports teams. This is a way for young athletes to raise money for their teams. 


Track Resurfacing Project. We donated money to help the high school running track get resurfaced. Oakridge has a long and strong track and cross country program that has produced many team and individual state champions. 


Trail Fund for DOD (Disciples Of Dirt). The DOD not only helps keep the beer flowing at MBO they are the driving force and largest contributors to trail maintenance hours in the highway 58 corridor. From routine maintenance to exciting things like new trail on Lawler!


Trails Fund for GOATS (Greater Oakridge Area Trail Stewards). The majority of the GOATS funds are raised at MBO. The GOATS help build and maintain our local trails. 


Kiwanis. The Kiwanis were our dinner chefs in the early days, and although we outgrew their staff abilities, we still donate to them. The Kiwanis have used these funds to buy over 400 helmets for local kids and to support other projects that benefit the community. 


Oakridge Library. Oakridge is getting a new library five times the size of our current (very small) library. Grant funds cover the cost of the building, but the library relies on donations in order to purchase more books. We are so proud to be able to contribute to this fund! 


Booster Club. These funds are used to help teams and activities—everything from band to football. Kids who benefit from this, volunteer for us at MBO. 


Grad Night. Grad Night is the high school seniors’ final trip—a safe and fun get-together. Teen and parent volunteers involved with Grad Night have volunteered with us since 2006. 


Preschool. Sadly our preschool has lost summer school funding so the preschool parents will help MBO this summer to help keep the school open year round. 


Homeless School Children. We donate to a program that provides supplies and helps feed homeless school kids in our community. 


Police Reserves. The Police Reserves handle our security. Some of the officers are mountain bikers themselves. As reserve officers, they pay for their reserve supplies from their own pockets. Our donation helps cover those costs.






For years Randy Dreiling had kicked around the idea of starting a mountain bike tour company. Finally, in 2002 as Oakridge started to be recognized as a mountain biking destination, the time seemed right. Randy moved to Oakridge and started Oregon Adventures, conducting small tours limited to 12 people. But he had a much bigger vision—he knew that with the right support, a mountain bike event in Oakridge could be a great success.


After years of trying to sell people on how great Oakridge was, Randy knew what he needed to do to make this dream a reality. He got an event promoter on a bike in Oakridge, and the rest is history. In 2005, the two companies formed a partnership to launch Mt. Bike Oregon, a weekend mt. bike dream vacation. In 2010, Randy became the sole owner of MBO. He credits co-foudner Porter Child of Good Sport Promotion (and staff) with being the important foundation the event needed to grow to where it is today.


The very first Mountain Bike Oregon had on ly 34 riders - that meant there were more guides than riders. But the riders from over 10 states had a blast, and went home and told all their friends. The MTBR website was flooded with buzz about Mt. Bike Oregon and the news of this awesome new event spread like wildfire.


In 2006, the event came into its own and sold out with 300 riders from 20 states. In 2007 we added a second weekend, but we are committed to always keeping our numbers small. Mountain Bike Oregon is special because of the community that comes together to ride, and we want to preserve that awesome atmosphere. We also believe it is important to respect the trails and keep our impact to a minimum.


Because of the success of Mountain Bike Oregon, both the City of Oakridge and Lane County Oregon granted the event tourism funds to help it grow.


This event is a huge undertaking, especially as it is tucked remotely in the woods with limited resources available. We couldn't do it without the support of our community. We’d like to send out a special thank you to the Disciples of Dirt for guiding riders all weekend long, and for helping maintain the trails all year long. Thanks also to our staff and volunteers who drive shuttles, check in riders and generally make this incredible event tick.


We hope you will make this event your annual tradition and we look forward to seeing everyone this summer on the trails! 



Randy Dreiling

(and Team MBO, the camp counselors of Mountain Bike Oregon)



Mountain Bike Oregon

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Oakridge, Oregon
Red Covered Bridge
, aka "The Portal"
Address for Google Maps: North Fork Road and Westoak Rd, Westfir Oregon
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Just west of Oakridge off of Highway 58.


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